About SmartWiz

In a world where technology has streamlined everything from grocery shopping to dating, why should tax preparation be left behind? That's the question we, a team of seasoned engineers and tax professionals, asked ourselves. We were frustrated by the endless back-and-forth with clients, the clutter of emails and Dropbox links, and the time-consuming consultations that seemed to go in circles. We realized that we were spending more time managing administrative tasks than actually focusing on what we do best: preparing tax returns.

Our why
We envisioned a future where tax preparation could be as seamless as ordering a cup of coffee through an app. A future where we could eliminate the drudgery of data entry, streamline document collection, and answer client questions before they even had to ask. And so, SmartWiz was born.
What we do
SmartWiz isn't just another tax software; it's a revolution. We've integrated cutting-edge technology to automate data entry and partnered with third-party tools to manage your business effortlessly. But we didn't stop there. We've also incorporated advanced customer service features to make information intake as smooth as possible. The result? An IRS-approved tax professional software that is set to redefine the way taxes are prepared and filed.
Why not you?
We're not just changing the game; we're changing the rules. With SmartWiz, you're not just getting your taxes done; you're experiencing the future of tax preparation. So why settle for the status quo when you can be a part of the revolution?

User Reviews

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Professionals who have streamlined their processes with SmartWiz.

  • Not needing clients to email me or send me a dropbox and removing that step to having everything in one place will really organize my business.

    Olivia Walker
    Live Limitless Finance, CEO
  • This company's attention to detail to what a tax professional needs is amazing. I love the fact that they built something for the tax professionals to bring us to the future. I will never run my business the same again.

    Diamond Robinson
    Diamond Co Tax Prep, CEO
  • The SmartWiz software literally put everything I needed to run my business in one place. My clients even noted the change and loved their experience.

    TJ Wisham
    Wish Tax Consulting, CEO

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